Intro on-a me.

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Intro on-a me.

Post  Atarget4u on Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:31 pm

Seeing that some people have taken to introducing themselves, why not bother with me, eh? I'm please to be with a group like this anyway, why not be more of a part of it?
I am Eugene Q. Debranski, more or less...Im 17, unemployed to this moment, a WWII historian by hobby, and I reside
in the province/state of Ohio...where we live in constant fear of Canadian invasion during July...seriously...we do. Its the cannon fire and explosions that set us off. lol!
Im also into those older movies and such like the Great escape and stuff like that...shows like Hogans heroes...
Well, enough about me and my poor humor, see ya in the field of combat.

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