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Tactics + Tips

Post  HellVenom on Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:00 pm

Naval warfare hadn't changed in the 300 years before WW2. Battles ships form a line to maximize firepower and shoot the hell out of anything they see. carriers hide and smaller ships either perfrom picket for torps, AA for bigger ships, and dash through any hole that the bb make to kill the soft stuff long range ca and cv's. Carriers target enemy battleships and bombers. Basically protect the firepower and destory theirs. This is how naval warfare worked up until jets were flown.

The only flaw with this plan is that it is boring as hell if done correctly, but undefeatable. The only way to beat this is to out duel the battleships or to go Admiral Nelson on it, but Navy Field really prevents the later with torps.

Also in battles seek out 2v1's and 3v1's and focus fire so repair crews are ineffective as well as quickly reducing the number of enemy barrels. Also when in battle minimize enemy fire. Like against the atlanta it can only face 3 guns to the front, but six to either side. At the same time watch the raking fire and torps. Don't get your t crossed this will also the maximum number of guns facing the enemy. These things seem simple but I see so many bigger boats forget and get raped by smaller quicker boats.

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Re: Tactics + Tips

Post  KillerEarl on Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:22 pm

Thats true as long as we are well organized and have a set battle plan to follow. One that has enough space to manuver abd also a tactical advantage I think we will be all set. We have to utilize and find each ships weakness and strengths if we are going to win the next FW. We will have to practise hard and use good communication either vent or TS.

In the last FW that U.K.H participated in we did very good for it being our first. We had 2 POWS an iowa and a KGV. Our players were good to but our cv's pilots were a little low lvl. All our players are very good but our cv crews were no match for the enemy's. Our bb's made up for it tho and we went undeafeted until rvb cheated and cried to the mods forcing a rematch.

I think we also need to work on cv tactics and how to use them better with the other players. Should we put all the fighters over them or all the fighters over us?

Or just bomb their cv's right away.


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