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KM CL Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:30 am

again i jacked it from a good pal of mine from the MO server.


Welcome to my Kriegsmarine Leichte Kreuzer (Light Cruiser) Guide!

So you've been driving the Z99 for a few levels, enjoying its uber-ness, and you're now
just a few XP away from level 30, and a new ship, and you want to know what the future
holds. The purpose of this guide is to outline the near future of your Kriegsmarine
career, and give you an idea what to expect.

Level 30 is a critical stage no matter what nation you chose, since the light cruisers are
where that nation's playstyle begins to manifest itself. The DD, with few exceptions, all
play generally the same, but that's not the case once you're high enough to get your first CL.

I require one thing of you: FORGET EVERYTHING you "learned" while driving the Z99. The
name of the game from here on out is run-and-gun. Once you advance beyond the Z99, you
will never ever again be able to charge the enemy and expect to win. If you want to do
that, quit playing Germany RIGHT NOW and start a UK or US crew. You must learn how to
snipe the enemy from a distance, raining shells down on them while running to keep them at
bay. The Kriegsmarine has two very fine ships that will teach you how to do this, and one
that allows you to hone your skills to perfection and dominate any ship at or below your
class, and even some above.

Actually, I require one more thing: LEARN MANUAL FCS! If you haven't already started using
it, do yourself a favor and start learning manual shooting as soon as you're done reading
this, even if you just started playing Navy Field and are still driving the FF-01. I
started learning it in the FF-01. I believe that every new player should begin using
manual by the time they pick their first nation, regardless of which nation they want to
pick. The earlier, the better. The more you use manual, the better you'll get. Long-range
KM tactics absolutely require you to use it once you get to the CLs. Learn it as soon as

The big question most Z99 drivers have is, "Should I skip the Koenigsberg/Spaehkreuzer and
grind all the way up to the M-Project with my Z99?" My answer to that question is twofold:

First, if you haven't already started using manual, get the K-berg. Period. End of story.
Get the K-berg and start learning manual aiming immediately. If you have a few more levels
to go before the K-berg, start learning manual now, so you have an idea how to use it by
the time you get to lvl 30.

Second, assuming that you are already familiar with the manual FCS, whether to get the
K-berg or not depends on whether KM is your first nation. If you're in Heavy Cruisers or
beyond in one of the other nations, you should already possess the basic skills necessary
for CL play, and you MAY skip the K-berg and grind all the way to M-Project with the Z99.
However, since the Z99 cannot carry the 6.75" guns anymore, there's really no reason to do

If you picked the Spaehkreuzer at level 20 instead of taking the Z31, you can remodel it
to the D40 at level 27 for an early CL experience, and use that instead of the
Koenigsberg. It's a less-capable ship overall, though, and it's a tougher grind. But it is
an option.

On a side note, you should be using light HE as your primary ammo (the A slot) from this
point on. Light shells don't hurt as much, but they travel further than medium and heavy
shells, and you need every bit of range you can get. It is also advisable to carry a
secondary loadout (B slot) of either AP or heavy HE shells; the former will allow you to
hurt bigger ships, such as armorwhored cruisers, and PCLs, and the latter will give you a
bit of extra punch of somebody gets close. I lean towards Heavy HE in the B ammo slot for
Blitz and DD/CL rooms, but in CL/CA, GB, and AW rooms you'll be better off with AP.

One last thing before I get into the ships themselves. All of the KM light cruisers
(except for the PCL, the Bayern) are capable of using scouts. This is not the case for the
other nations. Scouts are EXTREMELY important, and can be a far more valuable asset to
your team than your guns. In an evenly-matched game, the team that has better scouting
usually wins. Simply put, you can't shoot what you can't see. As a KM driver, range is the
name of the game, and since 95% of the time you will be shooting further than your FCS can
see, scouts are a necessity. You have no reason NOT to use them. As early as possible in
your KM career, you should roll a sailor with +12 aircraft, and plan on using him as a
permanent scout pilot. Learn how to operate your scout effectively and ALWAYS use it. Good
scouting habits will often make the difference between winning and losing a given battle.

Now, without further ado, the Kriegsmarine light cruisers:

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Re: KM CL Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:33 am


Required level: 30
Cost: 161000 credits
Durability: 8400
Displacement: 2158 base, 8137 maximum
Engine: CL I Heavy
FCS: CL II Aiming
Best guns:
----Dual 6.75"/40 SK L/40s L (level 39)
----Dual 8"/60 SK C/31 D (level 46)
----Lv 30 x3 5.9"/60 SK C/25 L
Support slots: 3
Aircraft: 2 Scouts

The Koenigsberg tends to draw a lot of criticism, because it has some severe drawbacks
when you get it, but it gets better and better as your crew and your skills improve.
Ignore what all the haters say; most of them used it only once or twice, tried to rush
with it, got omgwtfpwned, and went back to the Z99. With proper guns and crew, the K-berg
makes use of the Kriegsmarine's best assets: it's nimble and fast, and it can mount
long-range guns. In fact, it is better than the M-Project in many respects; it has better
FCS capacity, more usable displacement, and slightly more gun space, and it's faster. It
is fragile, though, and will die quickly if you let the enemy get close.

If you get the K-berg at level 30, you will at the same level be able to fit it with the
triple 5.9" L guns (assuming your gunners are the same level as your BO). These do fairly
good damage, fire quickly, and have decent range using Light HE and AP shells, but you
won't truly have an advantage until you get the 6.75" L/40 L at level 35, and you'll
probably have a tough time for a few levels. Grind, baby, grind! Once you have access to
the 6.75L, your life will get easier. Some other CL will still be able to match you for
range, but no DD in the game will be able to do so. Rangewhore and kill DDs to your
heart's content.

The K-berg REALLY shines at level 39, when you have access to the best CL guns available
to the KM, the 6.75 L/40s L. These guns are the weapon of choice for your K-berg or
M-Project, and outrange every other CL in the game, and some CA. They shoot so far, in
fact, that you almost certainly won't be able to mark where the shells impact when firing
at max elevation (37 degrees). The shells will disappear from view, but the game still
tracks them, and if they hit something, they still do damage. It just makes it very hard
to shoot at max range. Once your BO has sufficient level and ability, you'll be able to
mark at max range, but this won't happen for several levels. Get comfortable with
using scout planes, and see if you can't get a DD to run with you and scout ahead a
little. At this point, you should be good enough with KM tactics to take advantage of
these guns and what they allow you to do.

Note that the K-berg can also mount the D and N variants of the first set of 8" guns, but
they are heavy and will slow you down drastically. They are nonetheless capable weapons,
so it's up to you whether or not the extra hitting power is worth the tradeoff in speed.

The T-slots on the K-berg are almost useless (only useful as slots for extra support
sailors)... they're small, and the limited arcs make them inadequate for AA. Don't bother
with torpedoes. As a KM player, you should never, ever intentionally get close enough to
use torpedoes, and if your enemies manage to get close enough for you to torp them, well,
shame on you! =P

Previously, I advised against armoring the K-berg at all. Recently, I found this
suggestion for lower-level K-berg drivers on the NF forums. According to CadGn, "With
at-level [crew], 3.5 inch Deck is pretty good defense against 6' shells, that with trip
5.9s HHE makes K-berg a somewhat decent escort ship with the main job of killing DDs and
protect the CAs. Just know your role, play escort, and don't rush. If you do those things,
you will be more effective than in a z99." I can't test this claim or verify its
effectiveness, because my crew is WAY too fat to fit the armor, but it seems viable to me
in theory. I put it in this guide with the caveat that I believe it should be abandoned as
soon as you are able to access the 6.75" L guns. Try it at your own risk.

If you want to have some fun, come back to the K-berg when your gunners are in the 50s; by
then, they will get a good spread with the 6.75" sL guns (assuming you have enough
experts; if not, spend a couple bucks and buy them... they're cheap). At this stage and
beyond, the K-berg is an EXCELLENT ship, as good as the M-Project or maybe even a little
bit better. You sacrifice a turret, but the K-berg is so much faster that it's not even
funny. Even with a BO, Eugen-level gunners and a scout, all fully crewed, my K-berg was as
fast as the average DD. Its speed and slender profile make it very hard for the enemy to
hit, and the tight spread makes up for the reduced number of gun barrels. In addition,
most players don't see the K-berg as much of a threat, and will probably leave you alone
if there are other, flashier targets nearby. Make them pay for that mistake. A well-driven
K-berg with good gunners can be a match for even a Cleveland or M-Project.


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Re: KM CL Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:39 am


Required level: 27
Cost: 30000 (remodeling fee)
Durability: 8200
Displacement: 4412 base, 7737 maximum
Engine: CL II Heavy
FCS: CL II Aiming
Best guns: Dual 6.75"/40 SK L/40 L (level 35)
Support slots: 3
Aircraft: 2 Scouts

Since the uber-DD all sport much better firepower than it, the D38 Spaehkreuzer, which you
can get at level 20 if you pass up on the Z31, requires you to play it like a mini-CL in
order to be successful. At level 27, you can remodel to the D40 Spaehkreuzer, which pretty
much IS a mini-CL, taking the idea even further. These two ships combined give you the
earliest exposure to CL possible in the game.

If you elect to grind using the D40, you'll have a much tougher road, but you'll be better
for it once you reach the end of that road. You can fit all of the second-set 6.75" guns
with enough ammo to be usable, but they are very heavy and you probably won't have the
displacement to spare for them. The first set L gun is probably the best choice. It will
give you a range advantage over all DD and some CL. You'll probably have a tough time
fending off DD, though, and some CL will still outrange you. This will force you to pick
your targets with great care, and play at the very extreme limits of your range. You will
have to use every bit of your capability, and it will require a lot of skill to be successful.

The D40 has some benefits, though: it can fit the CL 2 engine, which makes it reasonably
fast (though the guns slow it down considerably), and also the CL 2 FCS, which helps your
spread and allows you to see just a bit farther and take early action to avoid incoming

It's a tough life in the Spaehkreuzer, but tough makes strong. Master the D40 and
you'll be set once you get the M-Project.

The D40 actually makes a decent AA ship later in the game, as its AAW rating is very high,
and it has room for lots of ammo with the 3.46" C/32, 5" KM40, or 5.9" TBK guns in the
R-slots. You won't be knocking down huge bomber flights, but a D40 with an AA setup is
useful for point defense and scout sniping, and can help scout for the team.

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Re: KM CL Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:41 am


(Old M-Pro sprite for the win!)
Required level: 37
Cost: 225000
Durability: 9600
Displacement: 5100 base, 10803 maximum
Engine: CL III Heavy or KM CV IV Heavy
FCS: CL I Aiming
Best main guns:
---Dual 6.75"/40 SK L/40s L (level 39)
---Dual 8"/60 SK C/31 D (level 46)
Best AA guns: Dual 3.46"/78 C/32 (level 30, dedicated AA)
Support slots: 3
Aircraft: 2 Scouts

At level 37, you can get the M-Project, but I would advise waiting until your gunners are
level 39 (it's hard, I know), so you can put the 6.75 L/40s L guns on it immediately once
you get it. These guns, as mentioned in the section on the K-berg, are the best all-around
choice for the M-Project, since they outrange every other CL gun in the game. There are,
however, a couple of alternatives that you can use to good effect.

The M-Pro is a little bit tougher than the K-berg, but that by no means gives you the
capability to rush enemies. The extra turret of the M-Pro allows you to deal out
additional pain over the K-berg, while staying at range. The M-Pro also has a huge engine
space, and can fit the CL 3 engine, which allows you to go about 32kts cruise/44ks
overheat at max displacement. However, you can also mount the CV 4 engine, which has
slightly less horsepower, but MUCH better overheat, giving you 30/49 at max displacement.
I consider the CV4 engine to be the better option, but that engine is much heavier and
reduces your usable displacement considerably, giving you less room for crew. This isn't
too much of a problem now, but it will be in the future, when your crew gets fat. Use
whichever engine floats your boat. =P Okay, that was lame... I admit it.

The M-Pro's two forward T-slots are pretty useless (put a support sailor there!), but the
three aft ones are good for AA guns, so you can mount those if you like. They come in
handy for flakking enemy scouts. NO TORPS!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!! The same rules
for armor apply here as for the K-berg. Actually, the armor values for the M-Project are
atrociously bad, and it can't fit enough armor to stop anything but the smallest-caliber
weapons, at least not without making major sacrifices in other areas. Armor is pretty much
useless on the M-Project, even more so than on the K-berg. Remember that speed is your
friend... if you can outrun and outrange them, they can't hit you, and therefore you
should have no need for armor.

The M-Project is capable of mounting the 8" C/31 dual guns at level 44. These give you a
bit of extra reach and a little more hitting power, but they take longer to reload and
your ammo will be very limited. The 8" C/31 D becomes available at level 46, and allows
you to carry more shells, but at the cost of range. The 8" D guns shoot just a little bit
short of the 6.75s L. The 8" guns are fun to try once in a while, and they're quite good,
but the 6.75s L should be your workhorse for most games. The biggest problem with the 8"
guns is that they are HEAVY. You'll take a reduction in speed, and also lose more
displacement for crew. I have not found a way to mount the 8" duals in conjunction with
the CV4 engine and still keep a full crew. In order to use the guns and the engine
together you have to sacrifice support sailors, or cut back on the number of recruits your
sailors have, both of which do more harm than it's worth. If you stick to the CL 3 engine,
your overheat speed will suffer some, but you will pick up a knot or so of cruise speed.
Whether the extra firepower is worth the hit to your overheat capability or not is up to
you. I like my KM ships fast. =P

At higher levels (i.e. when your crew reaches the level for the Eugen/P-Pro) the 5.9"
triples get a new lease on life, because the spread gets very tight when your gunners
reach about 2000 total ability in accuracy. You might consider putting them back on the
M-Project, but be aware that you'll lose your range advantage and your playstyle will
change considerably. The 5.9" triples are the only KM guns that can blockshot. This,
combined with their good rate of fire and decent range, makes them very potent. A
blockshotting M-Project can consider just about anything smaller than it to be food. You
won't get very much ammo, but 5.9" triples can do a ton of damage very quickly. Also, they
weigh less than the 6.75" guns do, which helps high-level players with fat crews.

The only gripe I have with the M-Pro is the fact that it can't mount the CL2 FCS. It is
the ONLY German light cruiser that cannot carry it, which makes no sense to me. This makes
long-range shooting more problematic, since the marking range is shorter with this ship
than either the D40 or K-berg, and you'll have a tough time marking shots early on. It's
the only real blemish on an otherwise perfect ship for this style of play. The M-Project,
when played properly, can kill anything in its class or lower, and even a few ships higher
than it.

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Re: KM CL Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:44 am


Required level: 28
Cost: 90000 credits
Durability: 8000
Displacement: 3550 base, 7102 maximum
Engine: KM CL IV Heavy
FCS: CLII Finding
Best guns: Dual 3.46"/76 SK C/32 (level 30, dedicated AA)
Support slots: 4
Aircraft: 3 Scouts

Since it's technically a CL, I'll cover this ship, too. At level 28, the Emden shows up in
the ship selection screen. It's not in the ship tree, and any sailor with sufficient level
can use it. It is best used as an anti-aircraft ship, and will serve you very will in this
role. AA (flakwhoring) is pretty fun and can make you a lot of money once you're good at
it. CVs will hate you and want to kill you, though. Often they will pass up on bigger,
juicier targets to kill you first. Be prepared for death by bombers.

There is a whole section on about AA, and I'm not going to cover how to
do it. You can either escort ships, amplifying their own AA capability (or providing them
with AA capability in some cases, since some ships have no or minimal AA protection on
their own), or you can strike off by yourself and shoot planes that overfly you on the way
to a target. In a game with lots of CVs there will probably be many planes flying around
for you to prey on.

The biggest limitation of the Emden is that it runs out of usable displacement if you put
higher level crews on it. You only have one real engine choice, the CL4. You'll get decent
speed out of it, though, about 36/42 at max displacement. You can mount the CL2 FCS; use
the Finding version of it; the further you can see, the better, and the Finder can
actually help you by increasing your spread a tad. A certain amount of spread is good when

There are four R-slots forward and four aft, and two T-slots, one on either side forward.
The best guns are the lvl 30 3.46" C/32 AA guns, which you need dedicated AA gunners to
access. You carry many binds (16 or 17, I can't remember which) for the 3.46" C/32. The
guns fire very quickly, .8s reload time, but with that much ammo you probably won't come
anywhere near running out unless you spam shells like crazy (which I don't recommend, due
to the risk of killing friendly planes) and your AA gunners are uber and reduce the reload
time to the minimum.

The lvl 42 5" KM40 guns are the best AA weapons available to the KM, with a 1.2s reload
time and much better range than the C/32. However, they're heavier and take up much more
space, limiting you to about 6 binds, which you will go through quickly if you aren't

Regarding self-defense, if you're on you're own and get attacked, you're probably dead,
but if you're escorting a BB, and they notice you're doing a good job protecting them from
planes, they'll generally return the favor and protect you from other ships as best they
are able. Not always, but generally. If they're shooting at a CV or another BB, I wouldn't
expect much help.

Flakwhoring can be a lot of fun and it's also a real moneymaker if you get good at it. A
word to the wise, though: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SHOOT AT, because nothing pisses off a CV
driver faster than a friendly AA ship that knocks down a whole squad of his planes to kill
a single scout. If you see incoming planes with friendly fighters on their tail, it's
probably better to leave them alone rather than shoot and risk hitting the friendlies. The
fighters will probably be able to handle the targets on their own. Sometimes killing a
friendly is almost unavoidable, especially when you have one or two stray fighters
attacking a wave of incoming bombers. CV drivers usually understand that, but if you shoot
indiscriminately and TK a lot of friendly planes, your CV's next bomber sortie will
probably be against YOU rather than against the enemy, as it should be. So use good
judgement. =P


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Re: KM CL Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:47 am


Required level: 38
Cost: US $2.99
Durability: 8500
Displacement: 2960 base, 9286 maximum
Engine: CL III Heavy or KM CV IV Heavy
FCS: CL II Aiming
Best guns:
---Dual 8"/60 SK C/31 N (level 44)
---Triple 5.9"/55 SK C/28 L (level 29)
---Dual 6.75"/40 SK C/40s L (level 39)
Support Slots: 5
Aircraft: None

The Premium Light Cruisers are unlike any other ships in the game, and the Bayern in
particular is a HUGE departure from the normal Kriegsmarine playing style. All of the PCL
are very small, frigate-sized ships that trade speed for armor and large guns. They only
have two turrets (and no T-slots), and can't carry scouts, meaning they rely on other
ships to scout for them, but their small size makes them tough to hit for enemies that
don't have good gunners.

Like the Emden, the Bayern is not in the ship tree, and any sailor of lvl 38 or higher can
serve as BO. However, it's pointless to get it at level 38, because it comes already
armed with the lvl 44 dual 8" turrets, so you won't be able to use it until your gunners
are that high, or you equip it with different guns. The PCL don't really come into their
own until your gunners are able to get good spread with 8" guns, and they are NOT very
effective with your crew at the minimum level required to use them. The Bayern's lack of
gun barrels combined with the spread and long reload of the 8" guns at low level mean that
your damage output will most likely be at the low end of crappy. In addition, the reload
makes you vulnerable to attack from smaller ships. Once your gunners can competently
handle the 8s, though, you can do serious damage to most ships in the game.

The biggest handicap of the Bayern is that it has only two turrets (of two guns apiece, in
the default layout), and no T-slots at all, limiting it to just four shells per salvo with
the default armament, and one of the two viable alternatives. Those four shells do a lot
of damage when they hit, but until your gunners are around level 60 or so, you probably
won't be able to reliably hit targets at long range, and your effectiveness will be very
limited. If you want to use it at lower levels, you can mount smaller-caliber guns on it,
though, and this has a number of beneficial side-effects. It frees up displacement for
armor and crew, and smaller guns take up less space, allowing you to carry more ammo.

If you get the Bayern at low level, your best choice is probably the triple 5.9" L guns,
since they fire quicker and you won't suffer so much from spread, plus you are firing two
additional shells per salvo, which increases your hit (and damage) potential. The 5.9s can
make short work of destroyers (especially if you use Heavy HE) and put the hurt on CLs,
but you will have neither the range or hitting power to do much damage to CAs with them.
You won't be putting out enough shells to seriously challenge heavier CLs like the
Brooklyn and Cleveland, either, and you probably won't be able to mount enough armor to
reduce their damage by much, so you'll have to limit your diet to the odd DD or
lightly-armed CL that wanders into range. You won't be chasing anybody down, so make your
shots count when they DO get close enough for you to attack.

Also, if you use the 5.9" guns, armor is an option. With any other guns, you won't be able
to carry enough, so if you want to tank up your Bayern, commit to using the triples on it.
The good news is that you can actually carry enough to make a difference. In Blitz and
DD/CL rooms, belt armor is the way to go, since the Bayern is tiny and hard to hit from
range. Most enemies will try to rush you. In CL/CA rooms, deck might be a better option,
but don't count on being able to bounce CA shells; since most enemies in CL/CA rooms will
outrange you anyway, you might want to run light and keep the extra speed and
maneuverability. Loading up on armor is very expensive, in any case.

Your armor should protect you from most DD-caliber weapons, though it may not stop their
shells completely. Note that it will probably NOT protect you from the heavier guns
commonly carried by the higher-tier DDs, such as the 6" guns on the DDX. That ship, along
with its British, Japanese, and German counterparts, will remain your worst enemies as
long as you're driving a CL.

Once you can blockshot the 5.9" triples, it's a whole different ballgame. Almost any ship
that's within range is food for your gunners, except those which can carry enough deck to
stop 5.9" AP rounds (PCA, New Orleans, and some Counties). At this point, you really only
need to worry about ships that outrange you, since you won't be running them down. Lay
waste to anything you can hit, and let your teammates take care of the baddies you can't hit.

If you mount the 6.75" sL guns, you'll be able to hurt CAs and CLs, but be cautious,
because they still pack a lot more firepower than you do simply because they have more gun
barrels. They're also faster than you, and you won't be able to outrun them, as is the
norm with KM ships. Work with teammates as best you're able, augmenting their firepower
with your own. With the larger guns, you won't have enough displacement to armor
effectively, so play at range and rely on your ship's maneuverability and small size to
avoid getting hit.

Once your gunners are high enough to get good spread and reload with the 8" guns, the
Bayern becomes a potent killing machine that can deal out some serious pain to just about
any ship in the game that gets within range. You still have to rely on your teammates to
scout for you, though.

Similar to the M-Pro, you can choose between a number of different engine options, though
the only two that really make any sense are the CL3 and CV4 engines. The CV4 engine gives
you better overheat, which is useful for dodging torpedoes and keeping up with the rest of
the ships on your team (or at least not falling so far behind =P ), but it also weighs a
lot more and takes a bite out of your usable displacement, meaning you can't put as much
armor and crew onboard.

The Bayern has five support slots, and it is useful for leveling large numbers of crew
members at once, particularly pilots and support sailors. If you put a good support crew
on, it can get quite a bit of SD and overheat time, which both help considerably. It's a
fun little ship, but lower level players will have a tough time with it. I'd recommend
skipping it until you reach the Prinz Eugen, since it won't start to perform to its
potential before that. It has its uses, though, and is worth picking up if you need to
level pilots or supporters, or if you want a break from the running and sniping.

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Re: KM CL Guide

Post  KillerEarl on Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:49 am

Jesus man thats alot of information gj.


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Re: KM CL Guide

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