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KM starter Guide

Post  Gin_Rummy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:26 am

i jacked it from the NF forums and changed it a little im to lazy to devote the time to explain KM in my own words

Germanys most effective strategy is to Hit-and-Run, using whatever speed you
can to shoot very long range and stay at distance, Germany is best at being
a sniper, only the KM DDs can ever work effectively at close range, so if you
arent a KM DD - dont try it.



The German Destroyers compared to other nations are actually better overall than
any other DD of the same level. Germanys low level guns are also quite superior
than other nations guns of the same levels. German DDs rely on their speed, quick
firing guns and alot of them to maintain an advantage.


Z1 Class (Tier 1)
This is the first German ship and has the best hull of all other Tier 1 DDs, period.
(Best weapon for Z1: Lv 19 x1 5.9"/45 SK L/45 )Light Ammo

Z31 Class (Tier 2)
Just like the Z1, it is also a very good DD, but by now the other nations are quickly
catching up to the Z31 and the advantages the Z1 had quickly closes up, however it
is better in some aspects than most of the other DDs of its level.
(Best weapon for Z31: Level 17 Dual 4.1/65 SK C/33 D or Lvl20 5.9/45 SK L/45 L)

Z46/Z52 Class (Tier 3) (UPGRADE FROM Z31)
The Z46 and the Z52 are the second most common German DD you will find in the
game (second only to the Z99), and for good reason these two hulls are absolutely
devastating to other DDs and even some CLs. They are the same when it comes to
price, health (durability), practical displacement for using, FCS and gun size. The
differences between them are the most important factors but you can decide which
is best for you depending on how you play:
The Z46 upgrade is at level 22 and the Z56 is at level 23, The Z52 costs more to
repair, has more total displacement (more stuff you can place on it), a little larger
engine space and a little slower to the Z42, the biggest difference between the Z52
and Z46 is that the Z46 has 2 of its 3 guns placed on its stern and the Z52 has 2 of
3 guns placed on its bow.
(Best gun for Z46/Z52: Level 23 5.9"/48 TBK SK C/36-T L)

D38 w/ D40 CL upgrade (Tier 2/Tier 3)
Many people will say that the D38 and its remodal the D40 are crap and not worth it but they are infact not bad ships but i myself find that it is better to save for the Z99 but if you need to lvl crew the D38 has a UK crew slot with 1 BO slot 2 R slots and 2 T slots and also 3 support slots its a great ship to get all the crew up in blitz.
(Best gun for D38/D40: Level 29 Dual 5.9/55 SK C/28 L)

Z99 Class (Tier 4)
Is there anything you can say about the Z99 that ISNT good? Probably not, TeamNF
did an amazing job for the Germans when he made this ship.This ship is a absolute
beast its fast agile and can dish out the pain. I am sure you will have great fun with this
amazing ship.

(Best gun for Z99: 5.9"/48 TBK SK C/36-T D or N )

Light Cruisers:

Germanys Cruisers, at low levels, they are quite weak, you will hear alot of players
complaining about that, but the truth is that if they would just be a little more
patient when their Bridge Operator reached the required level for the next ship, say,
another 2 levels, they would be alot better off than getting the ship right after
upgrading. Waiting also allows your current ship to work the best it ever has,
because your crew is above the maximum level needed, so its just extra skill
manning the guns. The tactics for the Cruisers change dramatically when you get to
the K-berg. By this time you *should* have learned how to use the Manual FCS
(Aiming), because the Cruisers are best at staying at distance and shooting long


Koenigsberg (Tier 5)
If you play with the Z99 but want to get experience out of the DD range, then
the Koen, K-Berg or the K is for you. Dont be pursueded by what everyone
else thinks about the Koen, saying now that the Z99 is out, getting the Koen is
pointless. They dont know that the Kberg is more devastating than a Z99 at later
levels when its time to get the M-pro! When I was in my K-berg, I was able to kill M-
pros with it, either way, you have to upgrade to the Koen before you get to this
next guy:
(Best gun for K:Level 30 Triple 5.9/60 SK C/25 L) Light Ammo


M Project (Tier 6)
The M Project, or most commonly known as the Mpro, is Germanys greatest CL,
and in its later levels, it is quite devestating itself. The Mpro has gotten some fierce
scrutiny and still does. Many people complain that the Mpro is just bizarre, it has
smaller gun space than the Koen does, and it cant even fit as much armor as the
Koen, its wierd because you think that a much larger upgrade of a ship would get
more room for stuff, right? If TeamNF added more displacement to the Mpro, then it
might actually be more survivable compared to other CL2s in its level range. The M-
project is excellent at extreme long range, with good gunners you can easily destroy
anything within or below your class.
(Best gun for Mpro: Level 39 Dual 6.75/40 SK L/40s L) Light Ammo

When you reach level 47 in the Mpro, you will have the option to upgrade to the
PS Deutschland or wait until level 45 for the CA Admiral Hipper.

The Deutschland is for players with *excellent* gunners and who want the
battleship experience early. When I say *excellent* gunners, I mean ones with at
least 11/11 and with at least 70 Veterans and at least 250 experts, any lower than
that, and you will have extremely big trouble in the line, your spread will be
absolutely repulsive and you will suffer for many levels.

The Hipper line on the other hand is for... Everyone else, it also is the pathway to go
to get to the German Aircraft Carriers. The Hipper line is also a little easier to play,
the reload speeds are lower, the ships are quicker and can attack and damage
pretty much anything, while the Deutschland is mainly for CA/BC/BB attacking.

Either way you choose, you should pat yourself on the back, because you just
finished the first half of the German tree! But its not going to get any more easier
from now on. Since this is a starting guide I dont need to explain any farther than
the Mpro, because by the time you get to the Mpro, you will know enough about
Germany to know what to do next.

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Re: KM starter Guide

Post  KillerEarl on Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:44 am

Nice Guide Smile


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